Opa! Greek food at Suvlaki

Soho is my go to area for good restaurants. There are so many different options to choose from - Sri-Lankan, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Peruvian, you name it! I've been to a few Greek restaurants in the past but it's certainly not a cuisine that I know much about so, when I heard about… Continue reading Opa! Greek food at Suvlaki


Hop over to Hoppers for authentic Sri-Lankan food

Third time lucky. I finally did it. I got in to Hoppers! Rejoice. This restaurant is popular, so popular that if you don't get here by 5.45-6pm, there's probably no chance of you getting a table for at least another 3 hours. It's one of those restaurants that doesn't take reservations and only seats around… Continue reading Hop over to Hoppers for authentic Sri-Lankan food


Yolkin, London’s best pop-up!

  People of London, listen up cause you're about to be let in on an amazing, delicious discovery. I'm always a bit cautious when seeing lots of hype around food but I can honestly say that macaroon ice-cream sandwiches are genius! Yolkin is a pop-up store that, no surprise, 'pops up' every weekend at various locations… Continue reading Yolkin, London’s best pop-up!