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Da Adolfo – magnifico! 

If you do one thing when you’re in Positano, make sure it’s booking a table at Da Adolfo. The best Italian food I’ve had in Italy. Period.

I’d heard a lot about this place whilst doing research on the Amalfi Coast. And boy did it live up to expectations. Don’t you love it when that happens?!

Wait by the main dock in Positano. Every half hour or so from around 10am, a small boat, identifiable by a red fish on the mast, will come and collect passengers.  Be prepared to be whisked away in a very James Bond-esque fashion. It is definitely one of the best ways I’ve approached a restaurant in my life! 😎

The highly anticipated boat!
Da Adolfo is based in a small cove, a few minutes away from Positano via boat. It may not seem like the most glamorous place when you get there, but let the food do the talking! Once you’re seated, the super efficient waiters who run around barefoot (on pebbles!!) take your order. I was amazed at the speed at which they moved 😛 The menu changes regularly and is all in Italian but the waiters are very helpful and translate it so don’t let that put you off!

Off for some delicious food!

These empty seats filled up as soon as we got there

The only way to book is via telephone (details above)

Menu of the day

Mozzarella and Parmigiana for starters – both were amazing.

Pasta with swordfish

Pasta with flying squid

Loved the beach hut vibe

Relax on the beach after a scrumptious lunch 👍🏻
Some tips to remember:

  • You can’t just show up on the day  so book in advance via telephone. This is literally the only way to get a reservation. It may take a few tries (they never answer the phone!) but persevere. It is worth it.
  • The boat that transfers passengers is free but has restricted timings, mainly for coming back. The first return boat leaves around 4pm so if you want to leave earlier, you’ll have to book a water taxi (€20). Factor this in when you’re thinking of what time you want to book your table.
  • Make an afternoon of your trip and enjoy the beach with a book. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen! There’s very little shade anywhere.
  • If you feel queazy on boats, remember to take an anti-sickness tablet as you’re more likely to feel sick on a smaller boat.
  • Finally, buon appetito!

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