Flesh and Buns review

I’ve been to Flesh & Buns a number of times and it never gets old.  After a spot of shopping in Covent Garden, it’s always a good idea to pop in for a bite to eat. The flavours are amazing and the desserts are to die for! I always go for the Salmon Teriyaki as it’s just so good – make sure you try it!

The restaurant usually gets quite busy in the evenings so try to make reservations if possible. The feel of the place is very contemporary and ‘cellar’ like and the food is a modern take on Japanese. If you don’t like sharing tables with strangers (there is massively long table smack bang in the middle of the floor), ask to be seated at one of the cubicles which are quite cosy. Then just sit back and savour the food!

Top tip: Between 12-6pm, the restaurant offers an ‘Express Menu’ deal – £19 for two courses or £22 for three, including a drink!

Have you been to Flesh & Buns before? What’s your favourite dish? Leave a comment below 🙂


Korean Fried Wings
rosie's photos 103
The famous ‘buns’ – now just waiting for the flesh…
rosie's photos 102
Salmon Teriyaki will have to do
rosie's photos 101
California rolls
rosie's photos 104
Kinako Donuts (custard inside)- so yum!
Chocolate fondant and matcha ice-cream – just amazing!
Dessert heaven
My friend’s fun dessert – s’mores to be roasted over a fire 😀



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