Roka for Mother’s day

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone but my mum is still the same – the most supportive and amazing mum I could ever ask for.

This year, as luck would have it, all my siblings were in town to celebrate. As the ‘expert’ on restaurants (I have no idea how I got this title!), I was given the task of finding an appropriate place for dinner.

Having heard so much about Roka, I couldn’t help but suggest this and I was definitely not disappointed! I normally only do food reviews on restaurants that I really love so that says something I think 😛 The service was on point, quality of the food was great and everything was delicious and full of flavour. The dark chocolate and green tea pudding was heaven on a plate!

The only criticism I had was that the restaurant was a little dark (ambience going a bit too far for me as it meant some of my photos were a little grainy but other than that, I had no complaints).

Roka has four branches in London; Canary Wharf, Aldwych, Charlotte Street and Mayfair. So, if you’re looking for a nice place for dinner in central London and want to literally have a flavoursome party in your palette, then go to Roka!

The Aldwych branch


Baechu kim chi napa in garlic & hot chilli (a little strong in flavour so be warned – not everyone liked this so probably an ‘acquired’taste type thing)
Sashimi – so fresh! Definitely my favourite starter.
Chirashi maki tempura
My mum’s favourite 🙂
Beef Gyoza, ginger and sesame dumplings – cooked to perfection!
Beef Sirloin, chilli, spring onion
Salmon fillet teriyaki (this was my main and it was mouth watering!)
Hinadori no miso yaki – baby chicken, lemon, miso & garlic soy


I’ve forgotten what this was called but it was strawberry flavoured and non-alcoholic.
Dark Chocolate and green tea pudding – this was amazing! the best dessert.
Serious foodie moment
Peanut, vanilla and chocolate sundae, sesame poki sticks (this was good but a bit too rich for my liking)
Cotton soft cheesecake, robata grilled pear, cream cheese ice cream (the ice cream was so good but the actual cheese cake was a bit like a sponge which wasn’t ideal)

Have you ever been to Roka? What’s your favourite dish? Leave me a comment below 🙂



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