10 Things to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and is often referred to as the Paris of South America. It is a lively, busy city which conjures up thoughts of the tango and Latin music but also has a distinct European personality that is reflected in the unusual and eclectic mix of architecture. I was in… Continue reading 10 Things to do in Buenos Aires


Santa Marta, Colombia – is it worth it?

Santa Marta sits on the Caribbean coast line and serves as a gateway to Colombia‚Äôs nicer beaches, mountains (the Sierra Nevada) and national parks. It is a very hectic, urban city and has a rep for being quite run down in places but you'll still find tourists here as they head to explore the surrounding… Continue reading Santa Marta, Colombia – is it worth it?


Cartagena Travel Guide, Colombia

Cartagena is one of the most beautiful places I've visited and is definitely a solid favourite. With its colourful buildings, some rustic and others majestic, quaint cobblestone streets and the constant hustle and bustle of the locals, this is a place not to be missed! In fact I genuinely think Cartagena is going to become… Continue reading Cartagena Travel Guide, Colombia