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Day trip to Whitstable, Kent

img_4546img_4564img_4388Whitstable is a Kentish coastal town only about 1h 20m from London by train (from either St Pancras International or Victoria station). A day trip is more than enough for this small town and I can assure you, you will feel refreshed after walking along the pebbly beaches, enjoying the sea air, eating deliciously fresh seafood and exploring the many independent shops on the highstreet.

Start your day off at Tankerton Beach which is just under 20 minutes walk from Whitstable Station. This beach is a bit less busy and there are lots of colourful little beach huts along the coast which are so photogenic!img_4652img_4562img_4570img_4590img_4591img_4424After a nice walk, head towards Whitstable’s port for some lunch (15-20 min walk) – check out Lobster Shack. It is a very popular restaurant with lots of seafood options. My friends tried the lobster and the lobster and crab roll – both were really good and so fresh! I tried the traditional cod fish and chips which were also delicious.img_4672img_4427img_4683img_4686After a leisurely lunch, walk along Whitstable beach towards the Old Neptune Pub. There are lots of small eateries along the way (if you are still in the mood for more food!) including oysters, a Whitstable staple. In fact, you’ll see oyster shells literally everywhere. img_4671img_4693img_4695img_4455img_4467img_4702img_4453Try some gelato from Morelli’s ice-cream stand along the beach – the cookies and cream and the salted caramel flavours were so good.img_4696Head to the shops on the High Street and Harbour Street. You’ll find the famous Wheeler’s Oyster Bar here which is an institution in its own right and has been serving customers since 1856 (plus it is very instagrammable!). There are very few chain stores here which is really refreshing and also means you are likely to find some really unusual pieces that others won’t have. There are lots of pretty streets and alley ways that will keep you busy for an hour or two. I missed visiting Squeeze Gut Alley, named after the fact that it narrows as you walk along so you need to squeeze through! Perhaps not a good idea after a big lunch…After exploring, grab a coffee from one of the many local shops – Blue Print Coffee looked nice.img_4717img_4715img_4714img_4711Head back to the station to catch your train – about a 15-20 minute walk from the beach and High Street.

I also wanted to give a shout-out to New Look for this comfy and stylish jumpsuit (£27.99). It was the perfect outfit and I loved the design and fit. Click here to buy!img_4544Have you been to Whitstable? Let me know if you have any recommendations!


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