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The Bletchley Experience

Inspired by Alan Turing and Sherlock Holmes, hidden in a basement on the King’s road, you’ll find an immersive cocktail experience where cracking codes and using a World War II Enigma machine to order your drinks are the norm.On arrival, you are given some brief instructions, a World War II military outfit to wear and a welcome drink – code breakers have a choice of three levels of difficulty. You are then given clues and information to help you crack the code and, eventually, order your drinks through an Enigma machine. The atmosphere was great and I particularly liked the little details like the wartime music playing in the background and the photos and newspaper clippings from the time decorating the walls.Overall, The Bletchley was a fun and different experience but, sadly, the drinks were a let down.  I can see that a lot of thought has gone in to the whole process (e.g. we were asked to choose a 3 course food menu which was then used to design a cocktail, based on your choice of food) but sometimes, keeping it simple is so much better!

The price for the experience is £34.99 per person – this includes 1 welcome drink + 2 Cryptic/Mission Cocktails and 1h 45m inside the cocktail bunker per person. Non-alcoholic options are also available (and is what I went for) though I do think these should be considerably cheaper than £34.99 given the ingredients – my drinks just tasted like fruit squash! A fun experience nonetheless but needs a bit of work!


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