Instagram Guide to New York

New York is a vibrant City which is a photographer’s (and instagrammer’s!) paradise. There are of course the usual places that you’ll see people taking photos of – Times Square, Statue of Liberty, The Met etc etc but there is so much more to New York.

I would highly recommend checking out some of the neighbourhoods that are more downtown – SoHo, Greenwich Village, East Village and NoLita. These are the places where you’ll find those oh so delicious and photogenic restaurants, cool boutiques and the classic New York cobble-stone streets with cast-iron buildings. I spent a day walking around these areas and, with the help of an in-the-know friend, found some really cool spots.

Here are my top 12 instagram recommendations for New York (most of which are in the above areas but some other iconic places thrown in the mix too)!

  1. The Bombay Bread Club, 195 Spring Street at Sullivan. I didn’t try the food here but the colourful exterior and the marigolds are worth a stopover!img_1734img_3447
  2. The Sézane Apartment, 254 Elizabeth Street. This is a really nice French boutique in the NoLita neighbourhood – you can find anything from clothes and fashion items to household decor. A real one stop shop and so floral and spring-like!img_3503-1img_3482
  3. Pietro Nolita, 174 Elizabeth Street. Another restaurant that invites you in with it’s pretty exteriors. I didn’t try the food but, by the looks of it, most people are just here for the pics! Let me know if you have been!img_1812-1
  4. Nomo SoHo, 9 Crosby Street, and SoHo in general. You can find lots of cool street art in the area and the classic cast iron buildings!img_1765-1img_3453img_3455-1img_3473
  5. Cha Cha Matcha, NoLita and Nomad. This is a great place to grab a drink or a matcha soft serve but the pink interiors with its neon lights are also so pretty!img_3794img_3789
  6. You’re a real gemmural, corner of Grand Street and Thompson. Just because.img_1741-1
  7. The Flour Shop – try the Draft Latte here and then take your snaps with those giant gummy bears!img_1797-1img_1781
  8. What lifts you’ wings mural by Kelsey Montague, corner of Kenmare and Motts Street. If Taylor Swift can take a pic here, so can I!img_1808-1
  9. The Flatiron building, a New York classic that you need to get a pic of while you’re here!img_3691-1
  10. The Umpire Rocks in Central Park. You can get really great pics from these boulders, with the New York skyline in the background. This is closer to the West 59th Street entrance of the park.img_3374
  11. Dumbo, Brooklyn, intersection between Washington and Water street. Get here early if you want to avoid the crowds. The views of Brooklyn Bridge from this perspective are worth it though.img_1942-1
  12. Bushwick Collective – this is where all the amazing street art can be found without the crowds!img_1969-1img_3639img_3633Hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have any favourite insta spots in NYC? Let me know in the comments section! X

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