Chocolate heaven – Said Dal 1923

On these cold, January days, you have to admit that the thought of warm, melting chocolate sounds pretty good. Chocolate makes everything better, it really does! If you’re on the lookout for a place that gets it spot on, look no further. Said Café in Soho is pulling out all the stops.

It’s a struggle to get in (they don’t take reservations) but once you’re in, it’s a real treat. The seating area inside is slightly cramped but the desserts, hot chocolate and coffees are truly worth it.

Although famous for its thick, authentic hot chocolate, I went for the mocha (my brain told me it was healthier 😂) – the best part was the cup that it came in, covered in dark, milk and white chocolate. Every time you took a sip, you got a taste of the chocolate! Just avoid the temptation of licking the crockery! 😋

In terms of the dessert, my favourite has to be the profiteroles. I’ve also tried the chocolate cake and thought it was nice but a little on the dry side for me personally. That won’t stop me from coming back to try the rest of the menu!



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