Notting Hill’s not so hidden gem – Farm Girl Cafe 

Farm Girl is one of my favourite brunch places and that is saying something, particularly as London is full of amazing and unique spots for foodies!

You could easily miss the entrance to the place but, once you’re in, it is blissfully peaceful and a welcome relief from the busy crowds heading to Portobello Market. Farm Girl is an Aussie inspired cafe and consists of a casual dining area, with a small mezzanine overlooking the serving counter. My favourite place to sit however is the tiny courtyard at the front. With its quaint seats and THE pink rusty table that has probably been instagrammed thousands of times, this is the perfect place to sit (unless it’s raining of course!). For those worried about the cold, there are heaters in the courtyard so it’s pretty comfortable if you’re already dressed for the cold.

Farm Girl has a varied menu with something for everyone. It also has a relaxed vibe with cute decor that instantly makes you want to pull out your phone and snap a pic! I love the counter area which is filled with healthy pastries and nibbles and the baskets of fruit hanging from the walls. If you fancy reading a newspaper, there are plenty on offer as well.

Now, on to the food – I’ve been to Farm Girl enough times to tell you what my favourites are so, here are my recommendations:

1. Oven Baked Eggs (£8.50) – Turkish eggs traditionally baked in a tomato, red pepper & parsley sauce. This is perfect for breakfast or lunch and even converted my friend who really doesn’t like tomatoes! You can also add Greek yoghurt or freekah as an extra if you like.img_8927-12. Berry Pancakes (£10.00) – Benoit’s buckwheat mix with amber maple syrup, cranberries and hibiscus, sprinkled with toasted pistachio & hazelnut + coconut. The pancakes are deliciously moorish and soft but quite sweet so I’d recommend sharing this one! 3. Açai Bowl (£8.00) – Organic frozen Amazonian Açai berries topped with coconut shavings, chia seeds & goji berries. You can add extras such as granola, almond butter or a superfood of your choice to make it a bit more substantial.I have to mention Farm Girl Cafe’s famous Rose Latte (£3.60). It is probably the most instagrammed drink I’ve ever seen! Beautifully presented, you can’t help but order this, even if you don’t like rose flavoured drinks! For me, the rose was too strong but I do know of people who absolutely love this drink so I think it just depends on your taste – don’t let me stop you from ordering it!img_7469A word of caution – this place gets very busy, especially on the weekends, so be prepared to queue. Like most of these ‘on trend’ places, they don’t take reservations!


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