All about that animal print

Animal print fashion items worn in the right way can really add that special something to a plain outfit. Unlike the classic LBD, crisp white shirt or well fitted denim jeans, animal print is not usually considered a wardrobe staple but it really should be! It's a girl's secret weapon, just like that stiletto heal or a… Continue reading All about that animal print

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Ultimate Guide to Notting Hill

Sunny days are always the best days to visit Notting Hill. That's when all the colourful, small houses brighten up, adding to the villagey vibe of the area. With its many cafes, restaurants and shops, it really is the perfect place to spend a morning or afternoon. Despite it now having a reputation for being a… Continue reading Ultimate Guide to Notting Hill


Notting Hill’s not so hidden gem – Farm Girl Cafe 

Farm Girl is one of my favourite brunch places and that is saying something, particularly as London is full of amazing and unique spots for foodies! You could easily miss the entrance to the place but, once you're in, it is blissfully peaceful and a welcome relief from the busy crowds heading to Portobello Market.… Continue reading Notting Hill’s not so hidden gem – Farm Girl Cafe