Exploring Paraty, Brazil

img_1600img_1634Paraty is a beautiful and very well preserved colonial town backed by a stunning mountain range on Brazil’s Costa Verde. With quaint, cobblestone streets (more like boulders actually!) and white 17th-18th century buildings with colourful windows and doors, it is a photographer’s paradise. Paraty got on the map mainly because of the Brazilian Gold Rush and was once a thriving port.img_1618img_1609img_1607img_1674img_1608img_1614The historic centre in Paraty is pedestrianised so you can walk about at ease without having to worry about traffic. With numerous beaches and islands to explore, it looks well worth staying here for a few days and exploring the surrounding areas.img_2676img_1732img_1746img_1733img_1665img_1739At night, Paraty has a different sort of charm. The streets are dimly lit (or not lit at all) but there are still lots of shops, restaurants and art galleries that you can walk in to and explore.img_1714img_1667img_1624I was only in Paraty for one full day (and most of this was spent on a boat tour!) so I didn’t get a chance to fully experience the city but whatever I saw I loved. There are numerous boat tours on offer that island hop and take you around the coast. This is a good option if you’re here for more than a day but if you’re short on time, I would recommend skipping this and exploring the town instead – I wish I had done this!img_1718img_1798img_1770img_1772If I’m back in Brazil, I definitely plan to come back to Paraty and do it justice by staying a bit longer!


2 thoughts on “Exploring Paraty, Brazil

  1. How long would you recommend staying here if you had the time? Starting to plan another Brazil trip for November and we are looking at 3-4 nights here. Is there night life?


    1. I was there for a very short time so didn’t get to fully explore but I’d say 2 full days would be good (then you can island hop one day and spend a day exploring town too). It wasn’t very buzzing at night from what I saw but there were a few nice bars. 4 days might be too much but if you’re planning to do activities etc or explore surrounding areas, then of course you might want to stay longer.


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