Beautiful Iguazu Falls

It is difficult to try and think of adjectives that can really do justice to the Iguazu Falls. It is a spectacular, awe-inspiring sight and all other waterfalls now pale in comparison! It really does live up to its name which means ‘big water’ in native Guarani Indian language. To put it into perspective, it is nearly twice as tall as Niagra Falls and nearly three times as wide.img_0603The Iguazu Falls are located between the border of Brazil and Argentina within a lush national park. The falls consist of a chain of 275 waterfalls and are just under 3km in length. Shaped like a horse-shoe, the ‘Devil’s Throat’ is the tallest of these waterfalls and drops by more than 80 meters – with the water crashing down, it is a powerful sight and very difficult to stay too close as you get totally soaked with the spray.img_1079img_1135img_1125You can experience the Iguazu Falls from either the Brazilian or the Argentinian side but each experience is really different so I would recommend doing both if you can.

The Brazil side

This is more about the panoramic views of the falls – you really get a sense of how large the whole sysem is and you can also get pretty up close and personal to the Salto Floriano falls where there is a lift that can be taken to see an aerial view. Helicopter rides are available and cost around $130 for 10 minutes.img_0909img_1050img_1088img_1025The Argentina side

This side takes you a lot closer to the action. There are a couple of routes you can take and walk along a pathway that goes over the river and takes you right on top of the Devil’s Throat. The sound of the water is so loud and the spray is pretty intense so you can’t stand there for too long but the whole experience is just amazing.img_1309img_1249You can also take a speedboat to explore the falls. I was warned by the tour guides about getting a ‘shower’ during this boat tour and they weren’t wrong. The boats go right under some of the smaller falls so you get absolutely soaked. They do provide water proof bags for your belongings so don’t worry about the all important phones!img_1338img_1352The park has restaurants on site so there are a few options to keep you going during the day – they also have an amazing ice-cream shop where I would highly recommend trying the dulce de leche flavour!

If you’re in the area for a bit longer and have a couple of hours to spare, I would also recommend the adjacent Bird Park. We got to see some stunning Toucans and Macaws!img_13837516728656_img_0171img_14367516728656_img_0178img_1404img_1519img_1536img_1548img_1540All in all, what an incredible natural wonder. Now that i’ve been here, I’ve also added Victoria Falls to the bucket-list! Let me know if you’ve been!

ps: thanks to my friend for some of the amazing close-up shots of the birds and the helicopter snap!


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