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How to stay warm in winter

We all know how cold it gets in the UK during the winter but these last few days have been particularly chilling! Dressing appropriately is so important but getting the right balance between sensible and stylish can always be a challenge. Hopefully if you stick to the below rules, you’ll get that balance right!

Wool Coat

The important word being ‘wool’ here. There are so many coats on the market that look great but when you check the label, they barely have any wool content (and some are totally synthetic). I’m afraid to say that these coats won’t keep you warm and, in my opinion, aren’t worth your money. To stay warm, I would recommend going with a coat that has at least 50% wool content. You would be surprised with how many high street brands stock these, you just have to be aware and always check the label! Here are some of my favs right now – they are premium highstreet but well worth the investment.Reiss Lawson double-breasted coat – 100% wool – £350Jaeger sheepskin collar wrap coat – 100% wool – £225Jigsaw Grace coat – 100% wool – £252

Knee-high / over-the-knee boots

These are a life saver when it’s cold and windy – match them with some long socks and you’re sorted. Uggs are also a great choice when it’s cold – although not everyone’s cup of tea (and not ideal when it’s raining), they are just so warm and snug for those really bitter winter days. Karen Millen suede knee high boots, £250 Marks & Spencers block heel over-the-knee boots, £55


Knitwear is an absolute must – I love chunky sweaters which are a great way to liven up your wardrobe with different styles and colours. Cashmere sweaters are great too as they keep you warm but are quite light and good for layering. Here are some of my favourite pieces.Topshop cable-knit jumper, £25Marks & Spencer, Lambswool Blend cardigan, £32.50Jaeger colour block sweater, £85


Scarves, hats and gloves are essential for winter. A hat is really important as you lose a lot of heat through your head so wearing one can really help protect you from the cold. I am also obsessed with smart phone compatible gloves. I got a pair for Christmas and can’t stop using them. The worst thing in winter is when you need to use your phone but your hands keep getting numb. Whoever invented these, I love you! Scroll down for some winter accessories. Also, don’t forget thick tights (John Lewis’s 150 denier tights)!Zara maxi checked scarf, £25.99Topshop supersoft tassel scarf, £16ASOS wool beret, £10img_6109ASOS pink beanie, £12


This has to be my most favourite hidden weapon. I don’t think enough people make use of thermals but I genuinely think that this is the best way to keep warm and stylish at the same time. Wearing a thermal under a lighter top will keep you warm but also means that you can wear more spring/autumn style clothes and not freeze. You can also wear thermal leggings which will keep your legs toasty under work trousers or even jeans. There are lots of options on the high street but Uniqlo and Marks & Spencer have a great selection. Marks & Spencers thermals, £22.50


This isn’t of course an item of clothing but is a way of dressing which you need to master when living in a colder climate. Walking in and out of buildings that are often heated and then in to the cold means that you need to wear layers of clothing that you can easily remove. Wearing a t-shirt under a jumper, a cardigan over a top or a gilet over a coat are all good ways to layer!

Hope the above tips were helpful – let me know if you have any good ways of keeping toasty! X


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