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Audrey Hepburn at Christie’s

img_9409Audrey Hepburn is one of my favourite actresses not just for the joy that her movies usually bring but also for her style – she was a fashion icon and the epitome of sophisticated elegance.

In September, the auction house Christie’s held a sale of Audrey Hepburn’s personal belongings. Auctions can be a really great way to see Art (in all forms) for free! You can get up close and personal and even touch some of the items e.g. jewellery if you were planning to buy something. So when I heard that Audrey Hepburn’s belongings were going on sale, visiting Christie’s was a no-brainer! I got a fashion, photography and movie exhibition all in one – who said nothing comes for free?! Although sadly the auction is now over, I still thought I’d share my thoughts and some great pics in case you’re also a fan!

The collection  was incredible, showcasing the highlights of Audrey’s Hepburn’s life and career. This was also the first time these personal items had been offered for sale so some of them had never been seen before. Reading telegrams from people like Fred Astaire to Audrey Hepburn gave a snapshot in to the life of a movie legend.


The auction included items from Audrey Hepburn’s personal wardrobe. This included a number of elegant dresses, her signature Burberry Trenchcoat and an array of her ballet pumps in different colours. img_9401img_9419img_9424img_9425img_9407img_9399img_9403img_9373img_9341img_9345img_9337img_9397img_9493img_9360img_9364img_9374img_9389img_9392img_9383img_9384img_9386Film memorabilia

The auction included personal annotated film scripts from some of Audrey Hepburn’s iconic films, including Breakfast at Tiffany’s  and Charade img_9417img_9431img_9350Photography

The auction also featured Audrey Hepburn’s personal archive of photographs of her life and more formal portraits by major photographers, dating to the height of her film career.img_9378-1img_9349img_9348img_9370img_9358img_9380I absolutely loved attending the viewing for this auction – what a treat! It’s also made me think about what my top 5 Audrey Hepburn movies are – it has to be:

  1. My Fair Lady
  2. Funny Face
  3. Charade
  4. Roman Holiday
  5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

(closely followed by Sabrina, War & Peace and Wait Until Dark)

What are your favourite Hepburn movies?


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