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Walala x Play and Taiyaki – worth it or not?

img_6585img_6596img_6598img_6591-1WALALA X PLAY, an art installation by renowned digital print designer Camille Walala, is a bold and colourful experience, based in NOW Gallery in North Greenwich. A maze with reflective mirrors and abstract, patterned walls and floors, you won’t be lacking for an interesting backdrop for a selfie or two! This 3D art installation also provides opportunities to play ‘spot the difference’ as you wander around the (pretty small) maze.

But the question is whether this installation is actually worth it? Having been last weekend and spent, in total, approximately 10 minutes within the maze, I would probably say no! This isn’t a criticism of the actual installation itself which was cool and oh so instagrammable but, for such a small installation, I wouldn’t trek across London to get here! On the other hand, if you’re in the area, it’s a nice way to spend a quarter of an hour. img_6604img_6611The maze can also be viewed from a mezzanine level but access to this may be restricted during busy periods.  img_6622img_6661The exhibition is on till 24th Sept so you still have some time if you’re really keen. Tickets are free but need to be booked in advance via eventbrite.

Top tip: wear socks as you will be asked to remove your shoes within the maze. 

After the exhibition, I headed to Bake, a Japanese bakery on Wardour Street which has all sorts of unusual cakes and taiyaki (small fish shaped cakes with some form of filling, usually custard). My main reason for visiting however was to try their matcha and vanilla soft serve ice-cream which is served in a hollow taiyaki (fish shaped cones to you and me!). Guys, the cones aren’t just a gimmick. They are actually so good – not crunchy like normal icecream cones, more chewy but in a good way! To top it off, the dessert is served with a crunchy wafer roll. You can watch the staff making the taiyaki which is kind of cool too -:) If I had to pick the one experience – Walala X exhibition or Bake, Bake wins hands down. It’s also a lot less busy than other nearby places like Bubblewrap (another gimmicky dessert!). Try this out though – you won’t regret it!img_6679


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