Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro 

London always has cool, eclectic exhibitions going on all the time. You know those types of events where you have to queue for a ridiculously long time and you see the Instagram photos flooding in? Well look no further because Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition at the Victoria Miro is exactly that! With beautifully interpreted sculptures (I loved those pumpkins) and a fascinating use of mirrors, I am officially obsessed with Yayoi Kusama.

The exhibition reflects the artist’s focus on the ‘infinite and sublime’ – this is particularly evident from the use of mirrors and repetitive patterns. The exhibition is free and on till 30 July (less than a week to go!) and for me personally, it was totally worth it. I emphasise ‘worth’ here because I’m not gona lie, the wait to actually get in to the exhibition was long. We queued for an hour to get in and then had to queue for each of the three mirrored rooms on top of that wait. And, you are limited to 20 seconds in the pumpkin room – 20 seconds!!! So if you’re the patient kind and can persevere (as well as love modern art), then this is worth going to. If not, then maybe skip this one!

And the 20 seconds begin
So simple but so beautiful
‘Chandelier of grief’ room – pretty mesmerising (you get 1 minute in here!)

After visiting the three mirrored rooms and pumpkin sculptures, we headed to the art gallery which had a selection of acrylic paintings that continued with the theme of multiplying polka dots and dense scalloped ‘infinity net’ patterns.

Infinity nets 2016


Pumpkins and patterns
Narcissus Garden – 873 spheres

img_2998There was also another great exhibition on at the Victoria Miro, displaying the work of Rana Begum (below). Her work draws influence from minimalist art and demonstrates her spatial and visual awareness. I would recommend checking this one out as well while you’re there!img_3022img_3040img_3031img_3028

What are you up to on the weekend? Have you been to Victoria Miro?


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