Colourful Burano

Burano is a bright, cheery and colourful island in the Venice lagoon, renowned for its handmade lace as well as for its picturesque canals and colourful houses. In fact the island takes its colour palette so seriously that locals must apply to the government before they can paint their houses and can only choose from colours that are permitted by the government. img_3888img_3894img_3897img_3825-1Things to see

For me, Burano can only be enjoyed by walking around and exploring the tiny alleyways away from the crowds. You don’t need more than half a day to see Burano as there aren’t many ‘sights’ in the traditional sense. Just lots of beautiful houses, colourful flower pots and pretty canals!img_3691 img_3828img_3905img_3834img_3879img_3812img_3863img_3864img_3847Via Galuppi, the island’s main street, is busy and lined with many shops and restaurants. There is also a Lace Museum, if you’re interested, and the 15th century San Martino Church that has a leaning bell tower.img_3874img_3837img_3932img_3672img_3705img_3725img_3782img_3902-1img_3690img_3955img_3954img_3951img_3959img_4657How to get there

Vaporetto no.12 runs from Venice’s San Zaccaria stop (near St. Mark’s), to Burano. It takes 45m-1h.

For more information on what to do in Venice, click here!

Outfit details: Top – Topshop (unavailable), Skirt – Zara , Shoes – New Look, , Bag – Gucci, Sunglasses – The Fashion Story


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