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Selfie Love

I’m not a selfie lover, mainly because I’m awful at taking them but, no matter what your opinions are, there’s pretty much no getting away from selfies! An instantaneous form of “self-portraiture”, selfies are now “an integral part of image-making in the twenty-first century”. Selfies are art. Really, I hear you say? Don’t worry, that’s what I thought initially!

The ‘From Selfie to Self-Expression’ exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery (open until 30 May) sets the scene by exploring the history and evolution of a selfie – from the self-portraits of Old Masters like Velazquez, Rembrandt and Kahlo to the modern-day posing of celebrities and just us normal folk!

To my surprise, this exhibition, the world’s first of its kind, was  strangely captivating, unusually interesting and very engaging. I particularly loved the various interactive installations and the homage to amateur photography – you come away with a sense that all you need is a camera phone and you can start creating! img_1699The use of mobile phones in this exhibition was genius, allowing visitors to ‘like’  paintings displayed on large screens.  Frida Kahlo was popular!img_1705img_1811img_1807img_1729img_1724img_1805Despite the light hearted nature of the content, the exhibition is certainly cerebral and had me scratching my head on a few occasions – success for any artist I think, if a viewer  can’t fully decide what  a piece of art stands for or means!img_1821img_1779img_1820img_1746One of my  favourite rooms was one where hundreds of selfies of normal people were displayed on large screens that covered all walls, a strangely intimate experience. img_1785img_1728img_1793img_1795The ‘pom pom mirror’ by Daniel Rozin was fascinating , creating silhouettes that mirrored your movements.img_1791img_1774The CCTV room, a Rafael Lozano-Hemmer installation, was a bit too ‘big brother’ for me, with live cameras following all your movements, but provocative nonetheless! Overall,  a really interesting exhibition and the best thing about it is it’s free! Who said nothing comes for free?! With only three weeks to go , this is a perfect  way to spend an afternoon.

And, while you’re at it, why not try out one of the delicious eateries  that line the King’s Road? This time around, I headed to Chicama, a seafood restaurant with a menu inspired by the coastal food of Peru.

The seafood is fresh and delivered from Cornwall on a daily basis and the vegetable dishes are creative and unusual (in a good way!). I think I loved everything except for the octopus which was just a little bit on the slimy side! Other than that, I would recommend this place – an exotic restaurant, with a chilled out vibe and creativity oozing through.

Tapioca marshmallow, ocupa sauce
Tuna tostada, avocado jalapeno sauce, fried leeks, radish
Blackened octopus, confit potato, sundries tomato, cauliflower
Crispy battered fish bun, brioche, spicy mayo, pickled red cabbage



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