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Ultimate travel essentials

May has slowly crept up on us which can only mean one thing – holiday season is fast approaching! In preparation for going on holiday, there are always a million things you need and it can be a bit of a stressful process trying to remember everything. The end result is always amazing when you reach your destination but it helps when you don’t need to worry about what you’ve left behind.

So, I’ve compiled my ultimate ‘travel essentials’ list which hopefully will help you guys as well! This post is really based on what I personally think are travel essentials (in list format) based on my own experiences over the years but, if you think I’ve missed anything, I’d love to know in the comments section!

Toiletries – Boots or Superdrug are my go to for mini travel toiletries. Everything is always in one place so very easy to navigate! Essentials include shampoo, sun cream (SPF50), toothpaste with tooth brush of course, face wipes, pack of tissues, deodorant and anti-bacterial gel (really important for travelling as you may not get a chance to wash your hands all the time).

First Aid Kit – I always keep my version of a first aid kid with me when travelling. This includes a pack of paracetomol, elastoplasts , allergy/hayfever tablets, gel spots, insect repellant (depending on where you’re travelling), sickness tablets and any other medication.

Electricals – Don’t forget your phone charger, iPad/Kindle charger, travel adaptor and portable phone charger. A portable charger is an absolute MUST for me now wherever I go – it just gives you peace of mind that you’re phone will never die, particularly as my battery tends to run low because of the number of photos I take!

Other – I am a guide book person – give me a guide book any day over google (although don’t get me wrong, google is the best!). Earplugs in case you’re in a noisy hotel or for the flight. Travel pillow for long haul flights. Depending on weather (check this before travelling), remember to take a sun hat, sunglasses and/or umbrella!

This list by no means covers everything e.g. capsule jewellery selection, makeup etc but I won’t be going in to those – pretty sure you won’t forget your actual clothes and shoes right?

Top tip: plan your outfits before you go – helps avoid over-packing and saves time when you’re getting ready whilst on holiday!

Hope you found this post helpful – what are your top travel essentials? Leave me a comment below!






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