Hop over to Hoppers for authentic Sri-Lankan food

Third time lucky. I finally did it. I got in to Hoppers! Rejoice. This restaurant is popular, so popular that if you don’t get here by 5.45-6pm, there’s probably no chance of you getting a table for at least another 3 hours. It’s one of those restaurants that doesn’t take reservations and only seats around 50 people so I knew that I needed to get there early. 5.30 for dinner it is then! Lol Jokes aside, the verdict is 10/10 – totally worth it. I’ve actually never had Sri-Lankan food before and, I have to say, I now love it!

In the heart of Soho, Hoppers is ideally placed for busy shoppers in nearby Oxford Street or Regent Street.

Hoppers is named after a Sri Lankan street food, made from fermented rice and coconut batter, cooked to a spongey bowl-shaped pancake – very unusual but great with dips and the various ‘Karis’ on offer. Spicy and full of flavour, I can’t wait to come back and try everything on the menu!

My favourite dishes have to be the devilled shrimp for starters and the chicken kari – very authentic but with a modern twist. I also loved the restaurant’s cosy ambience with simple decor, wooden benches and gorgeous floor tiles.

(NB: restaurant interior pics are provided by management)


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