Mayfield Lavender Farm: Fashion Blogger Heaven 

img_3790img_3724img_3845As the 166 bus approached Mayfield, I could smell the whiffs of lavender in the air. Having seen amazing photographs of this place, I knew I was in for a treat. As you step off the bus (with a whole bunch of other people I might add), and walk towards the entrance, you are hit by how popular this place is. The car park was absolutely packed  – everyone making the most of a sunny day!

Once we paid the £1 entrance fee, we walked passed the lavender gift shop and cafe (with lavender inspired scones and ice cream!) to the field. The 25 acre, purple field hits you in all its glory. This is a photographer and blogger heaven and even though there are lots of people everywhere, you can still find small patches of solitude and take in the scenes. 

Mayfield is a family run organic lavender farm, just over an hour away from central London, Victoria (directions here – slightly tricky to to get to without a car but totally worth it) . If you’ve not already been here, you need to get this on your list of places to see, particularly while the sun in shining. The best times to visit are from July till the end of August so you’ve still got some time! Don’t forget to try some of the delicious lavender inspired food at the cafe or buy a bunch of fresh lavender (£4) while you’re there.img_3710img_3817img_3880img_3774-1img_3853img_3826

Finishing the afternoon with some lavender ice-cream!

Outfit details – French connection dress, H&M shoes, Tom Ford sunnies, hat from Santorini!


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